Tim Sandon, Evergreen Rentals, LLC

“Bill has been a tremendous asset to my business by providing both accounting and technology analysis. I have a CPA, however sometimes I need help with day-to-day issues, for instance with QuickBooks or Payroll, and Accounting Mojo is always there to help.”

Dave Wortman, LCI Signs

“Accounting Mojo has streamlined our accounting processes from beginning to end. We now have a seamless payment system from our website into our QuickBooks. Bill also helped us bring our payroll in-house, which is a huge concern for me, and it has worked perfectly, just as he said it would. Bill has added thousands to my bottom line and has made my business easier to operate.”

Vicki Bock, Bears Inn

 ”Bill made the accounting and payroll just work. We had a disjointed system with a bookkeeper, a payroll provider, and a CPA. Bill still works closely with my CPA, however he simplified our accounting so that everything is just manageable now. Tax time is much easier than before, and I know that my payroll reporting and tax payments are perfect.”

Aldo Prins, Physio Pro

 ”To be blunt, Bill helped us fire our CPA and our Payroll Outsourcing company. The accounting processes that he has implemented at our Physical Therapy clinic gives us immediate feedback and security that all of our payroll and tax filings are complete and up-to-date. He handles our payroll, our bookkeeping, our Corporate Tax Returns, and the owner’s Personal Tax Returns. Plus, his tax planning during the year is invaluable. Thanks!”

Dawn Smith, Conifer Area Chamber of Commerce

 ”Accounting Mojo shows up once a month and makes sure our accounting is 100% airtight. He’s helped us with payroll, sales tax, and also does our Non-Profit Tax Return. I like that he can remotely connect to my QuickBooks when I have a question or spot an issue. He’s been a huge help!”

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